Not only do satin and silk eliminate tangles and split ends, they also help preserve curls, waves, and other natural features of your hair – all while eliminating frizz.


Satin and silk satin have the ability to repel moisture, unlike cotton which extracts and absorbs moisture from hair and skin, resulting in less friction which helps to eliminate unnecessary split-ends and hair breakage.


Satin and silk help to preserve your hairstyle and protect your hair. Wake up, do a quick comb-through, and you're out the door.

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Celebrate the health and wellness of your hair and existence with Snatched Flames. Join the movement for care freeself-expression with our collection of raw-edged designs, bold colors,eye-catching durags, bonnets, and products. We offer a unique variety of satin,velvet, and custom hair accessories that promote the journey of all walks of life while still maintaining what’s underneath. With our moisture-locking technology, we have formulated fabric that allows your hair to stay snatched from pulled back styles to waves that hold strength. Fueled by hard work and innovation, we ensure our customers have items that elevate your individual voice and make a statement.

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