How To Get Waves

How to Get Waves.

— By Snatched Flames

Waves can really enhance your image and make you feel great. You have probably seen the Baldie Babe or 360jeezy on Instagram and have been wondering how to get waves as they have. Well, we love their waves too and we want to share with you how you can get wavy too. Follow the tips in this article to achieve incredible waves. Get A Fresh Cut One of the first things you must do in preparation for waves is to get a haircut. The haircut should not be so low that your scalp is visible. This will give you the canvas needed to train your waves.  Use A Wave Shampoo While waves can be achieved without special wave shampoo, it is wise to select a shampoo designed for waves. If you choose to get a regular shampoo, select a herbal, conditioning or protein shampoo. Shampooing your hair too frequently can negatively affect your waves, so commit to washing your hair once per week. Never forget to use a good conditioner after you wash. Brush Your Hair If you want to get waves, you have to take brushing your hair seriously. This is one of the most important parts of the process of getting waves. Brushing your hair while training or maintaining your waves can take about fifteen minutes.  Bear in mind that wave experts recommend that you should only brush your hair when it is wet. Follow these steps to get the best out of your brushing routine:  Pat your freshly washed hair with a towel to remove excess wetness Begin brushing  Brush from the crown of your head, brushing both down and out  Brush the hair on top of your head toward your forehead  Brush the hair on the sides of your head forward and down, as if going toward your chin Patiently brush section by section, ensuring that you don’t miss any part of your head  Keep Your Hair Moisturized The brushing needed to train your waves can easily lead to damages to your hair follicles. This makes moisturizing your hair throughout the training process extremely important. Pomade has been traditionally used to moisturize hair. The Dax Wave And Groom Hair Dress can get the job done. You can also use shea butter or essential oils.  

As already mentioned, moisturizing is vital to scalp health, but don’t go overboard. Moisturizing once or twice per week will get the job done. This will surely ensure that your hair is consistently hydrated.   Wear A Durag The most critical part of the wave process is the durag. If you are really committed to getting and maintaining waves you need to be wearing a durag. This is non-negotiable. Your durag helps the process by protecting your waves from harmful elements and it helps to seal in your hair’s moisture.  Many committed members of the waver community will tell you to always wear your durag. You don’t necessarily have to have it on 24/7, but be sure to slip it on for thirty minutes after you brush. It is also critical for you to wear your durag while you’re sleeping. This will ensure that your waves stay in place. There are many types of durags to choose from. Snatched Flames has silk durags, velvet durags and custom durags to match your swag. Velvet durags are really a hit right now. No matter your durag preference, be sure to consistently condition, brush and wear your durag until your waves appear.  Visit for relevant information on waves. You can also visit the website to order a durag that suits your style.

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