How To Prevent Excessive Durag Lines

Waves are incredible. Every waver knows that in order to develop or maintain waves, you will have to wear durags. That’s good and that’s no problem. The only challenge is that durags, when worn as often as you should wear them, leave these lines and markings all over your forehead. 

What if you could avoid those lines? What if you could minimize those durag lines? This article will take a look at how to minimize these durag lines.  Firstly, accept that there is still no way to completely avoid some amount of compression mark on your forehead after wearing your durag for an extended time. bear in mind that it is important that you take the right steps to manage the lines left on your face. If you constantly wear your durag in a way that leaves heavy markings behind, it is possible that dark lines will develop on your forehead.

Wear your durag inside out One major reason most people end up with excessive durag marks is that they wear it with the durag lines facing their forehead. If you adjust that habit by wearing your durag inside out, you will see a major reduction in the lines left on your forehead. This may not look as neat as wearing the durag with its lines facing your forehead, but you will definitely be happy with less lines on your forehead. This will make your wave check look even smoother.  Wear Your Durag Correctly  You will be able to reduce durag lines by simply putting your durag on correctly. Many people are very careless in how they put on their durag and that is why they end up reaping the reward of a forehead filled with lines. When you are putting your durag on, be sure to flatten all the strings. Flatten every part of the durag that comes in contact with your face. Give this a try.  When you see the result, you will be glad you took the time to slowly flatten out your durag.

Develop A Routine After Removing Your Durag As mentioned earlier, you will most likely have some amount of compression mark if you have been wearing your durag for a while. To be extra careful that dark lines do not develop on your forehead, adopt a quick routine. This will simply add 3-5 minutes to your day. The first thing you want to do after unragging is to wash the area with some soap and water. After washing, dry the area. The next step is to apply some alcohol to some tissue or use an alcohol pad and rub the area where the line is. When you are through you will see clear evidence of the lines being reduced. Maintaining this routine will ensure that your forehead does not have any unwelcomed markings from a habit of wearing durags. Most people have grown accustomed to seeing excessive durag lines on wavers. This does not have to continue. Make the change by applying these techniques and be extra sharp on your next wave check.

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