5 Reasons You Should Wear a Du-rag

Why you should wear a du-rag durags

5 Reasons You Should Wear a Du-rag

Snoop Dogg, Lebron James, Terrence Howard, 50 Cent, Eminem, Solange and even Kylie Jenner have been photographed wearing the legendary du-rag. The du-rag is a popular headgear in African American culture. This head piece dates all the way back to the 19th century. At first, it was commonly worn by poor African American workers and slaves. This was used to label them accordingly. The identity of the du-rag changed later in the 1930s during the Great Depression and what was called the Harlem Renaissance. The du-rag came to be understood as being beneficial for hair and hairstyle preservation. Consider these powerful benefits of wearing a du-rag.
It Preserves Waves

Waves are revered when it comes to African American hairstyles. After laboring to get amazing waves, you can lose them if you do not have a plan to preserve them. Du-rags are excellent for this purpose. This headgear works by training your hair to lay down and stay in the wave pattern you desire. While you sleep, your sheets and pillow covers may dry out your hair. This is no good for the maintenance of your waves. The drying out of your hair will leave it frizzy. Wearing a du-rag to safeguard yourself from that is a great idea.

It Enhances Hair Texture

With the unique texture of the hair of African Americans, there is an extra effort that must be made to ensure it stays at its best. One of the things that damages hair texture is the pollution in the air. This pollution often causes the moisture in the hair to evaporate. Naturally, with the moisture evaporating, hair will become dry and rough. Using a du-rag gives the protection you need from these elements. In order to maximize on your use of a du-rag, apply your oils and other moisturizing products to your hair and then put on the du-rag. This will stop the moisture from leaving your hair. Doing this consistently will result in smooth and healthy hair.

It Is a Fashion Statement

As mentioned earlier, celebrities like Lebron James, Snoop Dogg, Kylie Jenner, Solange and Eminem have often used a du-rag for fashion purposes. Du-rags come in a number of colors and designs, making it a piece that can easily be added to your outfit. This example set by celebrities has transformed the du-rag into a fashion statement. While the benefits of the du-rag for your hair cannot be ignored, we also cannot deny the fact that it can be truly fashionable. So, go ahead and upgrade your style with a du-rag while improving the health of your hair.

It Can Maintain Your Braids

Braids are popular among African American men and women. It is fashionable, lasts long and is usually not expensive to do. While it is a good hairstyle and typically lasts for a long time, braids can go bad if not properly maintained. What usually happens is that hair usually escapes the braiding as a result of the movements that take place during sleep. This greatly affects the look of the hairstyle and leaves it in an untidy state. Wearing a du-rag prevents this issue and keeps your hair in place while you rest. This will increase the lifespan of the hairstyle and keep it sharp for a longer period of time.

It Protects Hair From The Elements

Threats to the health of hair are the ultraviolet rays that come from the sun along with the many other pollutants in the atmosphere. These things that you cannot directly control causes your hair to lose its strength, become brittle and it brings about split ends. If you face these threats with a neatly worn du-rag, you will not suffer from the negative impact it has on hair. Wearing your du-rag when you are on the road also protects your scalp from being overly exposed to UV rays. The du-rag is an excellent substitute for harmful chemicals that promise this kind of protection.

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